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A WordPress Site is Born

My inspiration for this topic comes from a common question asked of me from several people and clients. It goes something like, “What’s involved in the creation of a WordPress site and how does it work?”.

So,…this article is about a web development process – a process that creates a WordPress site. I also add, in brief, the underlying concept of how the pages of the site manifests itself on your browser. Let’s please stand back from all that scary code and look at the broader picture.

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Responsive Design Has Come

Mashable, the leading source for news in our connected generation, reports on the importance of digital innovation. According to them, 2013 was the Year of Responsive Web Design.(RWD)1

“What is it?” and “Why should I care?” you ask.

Ethan Marcotte describes it quite well in his 2011 book aptly titled Responsive Web Design.

In a nutshell, RWD is basically this – Regardless of what device you are using right now to read this blog, the content is displayed appropriately to ensure a satisfying user experience. If you are currently on a desktop with a large screen, you see lines of text roughly a dozen words across per line on the left hand side of the screen with a sidebar on the right.

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Why WordPress?

First launched in 2003, WordPress has impressively and understandably grown to the popular Content Management System (CMS) it is. Although it began as a blogging system, which has since become the most popular on the web, it’s increasing versatility over the years has made it into so much more. Beyond blogging, WordPress can run websites that function in a wide variety of ways: a content management system, shopping or eCommerce, sites that handle memberships, portfolio’s, galleries, and video to name a few.

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Hidden in the Data

Data visualization can be as simple as creating a graph. As to its benefits over plain text, let’s look at an example most of us are familiar with – the gas bill. Here’s a simple question.

How much do you pay for natural gas?

Bills for natural gas are sent to my household every month outlining in detail not only the cost of the gas itself, but all other associated costs as well. It should be simple to figure out, right? My provider specifies the amount I used every month, its transportation, storage, delivery, the monthly charge, and the tax. Price adjustments to some of these charges are provided from time to time as well.

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Business Websites 101

Congratulations on setting up your business website. The design is stunning, it has a lovely colour scheme, and looks awesome. Spiffy, but other than design, let’s not forget some basic attributes of your website that can make a difference in the success of your company, be it small or mid-size. This isn’t by any means a comprehensive list, but it covers some basics.

credit | Bob Gorrell

Let’s start with the most obvious. This is a blog. Blogs are not written just for the sake of content. They are meant to be periodically added to your site after it’s gone live. What for? Blogs are a means of keeping customers engaged and give them reason to return to your site. If the topics are of interest to them or can be of value to

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Visual is More

unknown artist | Lascaux Cave
unknown artist | Lascaux Cave

If you’re like me, then you may agree that visual communication is more effective than verbal or written. All of course are valuable, but visual has certain advantages. The first known type of this communication comes from our distant ancestors who painted on cave walls thousands of years ago. They left behind scant

evidence to inform us of their lifestyle, however through the efforts of archaeology, these crude drawings help us to understand what they had experienced, what they were witness to, and what they were trying to say.

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