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Update ACF without Reloading through AJAX

I tried to shorten that title as much as I could, but basically this article will explain, at a high level, how to update an Advanced Custom Field (ACF) in your WordPress theme by submitting a form through an AJAX request.

Why an ACF? Well, it doesn’t have to be for that. It’s only an example I’m using to demonstrate how data or inputs can be moved from a user form to the back end. Once you obtain the data in this way, you can do whatever you want with it.

Why through AJAX? This is the best part – it all happens without the browser having to refresh the page. (It’s done asynchronously.) Take a look at the diagram below and follow along with me.

how to send inputs from a form on wordpress to a function through ajax without reloading the page

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A WordPress Site is Born

My inspiration for this topic comes from a common question asked of me from several people and clients. It goes something like, “What’s involved in the creation of a WordPress site and how does it work?”.

So,…this article is about a web development process – a process that creates a WordPress site. I also add, in brief, the underlying concept of how the pages of the site manifests itself on your browser. Let’s please stand back from all that scary code and look at the broader picture.

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